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  • Full day, or half day class sessions -- 1on1 or any group size
  • Customized topics with our examples or your docs
  • Student assessment to ensure correct learning level (no extra charge)
  • Post class test to ensure students learned
  • Earn CPE and CE credits


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We offer several classes to help analyze data. From Excel to SQL to Tableau and Power BI to name a few. Get your Sonic Training Business Analytics Certification also.

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Programming is the heart of every app and software program. Our 2 or 3 day classes in all levels can get you up to speed with HTML, CSS, VBA, PHP, .NET

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SLQ, Oracle, SAP, Access, FileMaker Pro are some of the database platforms we can train your workforce in. We offer certifications of completion and multi-class Sonic Training certificates at our scheduled classes or customized training to your group.

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Upgrading to Microsoft Office 365 edition (or Win10)? Take one of our public classes or have us come to your office (and now virtually) for a custom, on-site training session.

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Our Adobe trainers have an average of 18 years of work experience and 10 years of teaching time, so they can bring real work experience into the classroom. We offer 1 to 2 day classes and private training for specific topics, even using your files.

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Need to learn or upgrade your communication skills for your work? Take one of our public classes or have us come to your office for a custom, on-site training session. Classes include: Effective Communication, Business Presentations, Time Management, Diversity Training, Project Mgmt Fundamentals.

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On-site training by Sonic Training can tailor the class to match the job duties of your employees, and even incorporate your exact software files (or database, applications, etc.). With our help, we can highlight the areas from our courseware you want to emphasize and remove the topics that don't apply to your situation. Each hour of training will be focused on your needs, not what the courseware offers. 

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Need to learn specific WordPress or HTML topics this week? or tomorrow?! Web Design courses include: UX/UI Design, Creative Design, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MySQL. Public classes or private training can be organized with your company site in mind.

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In need of a temporary technical expert part-time or full-time hires? Sonic Training Staffing Services can help. We can provide a seasoned professional in any area that we teach and more. Our 15 years of business stability and industry competence will ensure a local expert to augment and improve your team. From complicated projects that need Excel or Access skills to Oracle or SAP professionals, we can help you. Please call 877-760-0078 to speak to a Staffing / Contracting Project Manager to discuss your staffing needs. Or fill out our Contact Us form for a call back.

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"The training was excellent and we are looking forward to the second half next week. No pushy sales staff trying to upsell us, but rather training professionals giving us the right advice."

-- Director, John Hopkins University Hospital

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Sonic Training has taught thousands of professionals--in the past decade--the most essential productivity tools to further enhance their career all across the country. For each class, we offer certifications, which in turn have shown proof of their new skills. With these certifications, employers can see you have completed courses in specific technical competencies from a reputable nationwide technical training firm. Students can also list these achievements on their bios/LinkedIn profiles, showing they are current with today's fast moving technical world. Read more >>

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