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Creative Design Innovation Workshop Training Class

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Creative Design Innovation Workshop Training Class

(public class max is 7 students)


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Creative Design Innovation Workshop Training Description

Research has shown that everybody is creative. In fact, we are all extremely creative.

  • Learn to catch your thoughts and harness your creativity.
  • Learn how to think by learning the tools and tricks used by creative thinkers in business, arts and science.
  • Uncover your creative nature through a range of exercises and activities.

 This course is originally 3 days and due to busy schedules of professionals, we have broken down the format to 2 full days for Part 1 and one day as Part 2.  

Course Objective: You will explore various tools and tricks used by creative thinkers to uncover your creative nature through a range of hands-on exercises and activities with instructor and class feedback.

Target Student: This course is designed for students wanting to explore, improve and learn how they can become more creative in many aspects of their professional career (not limited to design careers).

Delivery Method: Instructor led, group-paced delivery learning model with structured hands-on activities.

Creative Design Innovation Training Outline - Day 1

Day 1


What is creativity

What is Design

Know your creative belief

The creative lion inside

Conquer creative blocks

Seeing the inspiration in daily

Finding what inspires you

Multiple Techniques and exercises to ignite your creativity, and imagination

The Creative Notebook



Creative Design Innovation Training Outline - Day 2

Day 2


Designing a creative practice

A space for creativity

Creating time for creativity

How to become an innovative thinker

• Kick self-criticism to the Curb

Daily Creativity Practices

The Creative Idea

Breaking down the process

Setting Goals