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Word Introduction Assessment / Quiz

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Word Introduction Assessment / Quiz


Please review the outline for this class to see if you are comfortable with the technical features with this level. Here are some questions to help determine if this level is right for you.


1.  Are you able to open a Word document, enter text, save document and preview before printing?

A.   Yes

B.   No


2.  How do you undo changes:


A.   Press Control and C

B.   Press Control and X

C.   Press Control and Z

D.   Press Alt and Z

3.  Are you able to set tabs for new paragraphs?


A.   Yes

B.   No

4.  How do you create a table:


A.   Press Control and T

B.   Click on Design and insert Table

C.   Click on Draw and draw a table

D.   Click on Insert and choose Table to create

5.  To insert a picture from another JPEG file:


A.   Click ‘Insert’ and ‘Pictures’

B.   Click ‘Insert’ and ‘File Downloads’

C.   Click Control and C

D.   Click Alt and P

6.  Are page footers and headers?


A.   Automatic with each new Word document

B.   Must be created by clicking ‘Insert’ and ‘Header’

C.   Must be created by clicking ‘Layout’ and ‘Header’

D.   None of the above

7.  How is check spelling done?


A.   Press Control F7

B.   Press Fn F7

C.   Click ‘Insert’ and Spelling

D.   Click ‘Review’ and Editor



Answers:  1. A, 2. C, 3. A, 4. D, 5. A, 6. B, 7. B

*  If you get at least 4 correct, then you should take the next level up. 


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