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Training Tickets

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Corporate Training Tickets Saves on Many Fronts

Sonic Training’s "Training Tickets" are prepaid training vouchers where each ticket is equal to one day for any class at Sonic Training. Our Training Tickets make it easy to register your employees and accounting is simplified as well. A Training Manager here at Sonic Training will be assigned to your firm and track who takes which class and when with monthly reports sent to your company's training contact.



# of Tickets

Retail Cost

Discount %

Price Per Ticket/Day

Total Cost


























* The above example is based on $250 per  day retail class price. If list prices of classes are higher, the ticket price will reflect that as well.

** Not all locations offer Corporate Training Tickets. Please call us to verify your locations can offer prepaid tickets.

: If you have three employees that want to take four two-day class of Excel ($250 retail per day) (12 days of classes total), then each tickets (or day of class) is discounted to $220 (see chart above). Since 12 tickets are needed that is between 10 and 20 number of tickets, so the discount is 20% from the retail cost or $220 per ticket. So in this example 12 tickets would cost $2,640 (12 x $220). Another example: If a student takes a SQL 2-day class under a 20% voucher category, the retail price of $695 would be reduced 20% or $556.

The best part is the savings! Call 1-877-760-0078 for more information and to purchase Sonic Training's Training Tickets. (Please see our payment and refund policy, which also applies to purchasing Training Tickets or private customized training.) After the use of the first training ticket, no refund is allowed for the remaining tickets.

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