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Search Engine Optimization Introduction/Intermediate

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Search Engine Optimization Fundamentals


Price: $250 for one full day

Course Description
Course Length: 1 day


Search engine placement has become a key task for those engaged in website marketing because:
* Good positioning in search engines/directories dramatically increases visitor traffic.
* Optimizing search engine ranking is the most important and cost effective way of marketing a website.
* Customers use search engines more than any other method to locate websites.
The Instructor will guide students through proven techniques for achieving and measuring success, along with a review of the most important search engines and directories. Throughout the book there are numerous real case studies and tips to help the marketer build a world class web presence.

Course Highlights
Searching: Why do we search;
  • The importance of search engines;
  • What search engines are there?;
Web Crawlers:
  • The main web crawlers;
  • How Web crawlers work;
  • Registering your site;
Directories: The main directories;
  • How directories work;
  • Registering your site;
Fee Inclusions: The main fee inclusion services;
  • How they work; Registering your site;
  • Free Services: The main free services;
  • How they work;
  • Registering your site;
  • Placement Tips and Page Architecture:
  • Tags;
  • Keywords;
Site architecture;
  • Javascript;
  • Relevant Content;
  • Search engine stumbling blocks;
  • Links;
Database driven content/Mini Sites Software:
  • Traffic Builder;
  • Microsoft Traffic Builder;
  • Traffic Seeker