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SAP Software - Introduction / Fundamentals - 3-Day Class - (beginner and business user)

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SAP Software - Introduction / Fundamentals - 3 Day Class - (beginner and business user)


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SAP Software - Introduction / Fundamentals

Course Objective:

Highlights Include:
1.    Clear explanations
Get familiar with SAP without fuss or confusion and learn what the SAP software does with step-by-step instructions on how to perform your daily tasks.

2.    Screenshots from the SAP system
Are you a visual learner? You'll benefit from the hundreds of screenshots throughout the text that show you the right path.

3.    Case studies
Get a better understanding of how SAP software is used to solve real-world business problems through numerous case studies.

Sample topics you will learn practically during the class:

•    Log on/off
•    System navigation
•    Automating tasks
•    Reporting
•    Printing
•    Help functions
•    Master data
•    Data security
•    Messaging
•    SAP product overviews

SAP Software - Introduction / Fundamentals

Course Content

The SAP Enterprise


1 Brief History of the SAP Enterprise
1.1 Getting Started: From Realtime Financials to SAP R/3
1.2 SAP from the Turn of the Millennium to the Present

2 How Does SAP Software Work?
2.1 What Is Standard Software?
2.2 Adapting the SAP System to an Enterprise
2.3 What If the Standard Isn’t Sufficient?
2.4 Orientation toward the Process
2.5 Real Time
2.6 Central Data: Decentralized Processing

3 Overview of the Most Critical SAP Products
3.1 Complete Package: SAP Business Suite
3.2 The Central Component: SAP ERP
3.3 Maintaining Customer Relationships: SAP Customer Relationship Management
3.4 Optimizing Supplier Relationships: SAP Supplier Relationship Management
3.5 The Entire Lifecycle of a Product: SAP Product Lifecycle Management
3.6 For all Supply Chain Elements: SAP Supply Chain Management
3.7 Industry Solutions
3.8 Special Software for Medium-Sized Enterprises
3.9 The Next Software Generation: SAP S/4HANA
3.10 The Technical Basis: SAP NetWeaver

Basic Principles of System Operation

4 Organizational Structures and Master Data
4.1 Organizational Structures
4.2 Master Data
4.3 Try It!

5 Logging On to the SAP System
5.1 SAP Logon
5.2 Logging On for the First Time
5.3 Logging On to the System
5.4 The SAP Graphical User Interface
5.5 Logging Off the SAP System
5.6 Try It!

6 Navigating in the SAP System
6.1 Overview of the Navigation Options
6.2 Navigating via the SAP Easy Access Menu
6.3 Navigating via Transaction Codes
6.4 Entering Data in the SAP System
6.5 Input Help
6.6 Working with Sessions
6.7 Try It!

7 Maintaining the System Layout and User Data 103
7.1 Creating Links on the Desktop
7.2 Maintaining Your Own User Data
7.3 Creating Favorites
7.4 Prepopulating Parameters for Fields
7.5 Holding, Setting, and Deleting Data
7.6 Adapting the User Interface
7.7 Try It!

8 Creating Evaluations and Reports
8.1 Using Standard Reports in the SAP System
8.2 Finding Standard Reports
8.3 Exporting Lists to Microsoft Excel
8.4 Using Variants
8.5 Other Reporting Options in SAP ERP
8.6 Try It!

9 Printing
9.1 Overview of the Print Functions
9.2 Using Spool Requests
9.3 Changing the Default Printer
9.4 Creating Screenshots
9.5 Try It!

10 Automating Tasks
10.1 Background Jobs
10.2 Batch Processing (Batch Input)
10.3 Try It!

11 Working with Messages and Business Workplace
11.1 Overview of the Business Workplace
11.2 Sending Short Messages
11.3 SAP Business Workflow
11.4 Folders
11.5 Office Organization
11.6 Try It!

12 Electronic Data Interchange
12.1 Overview of the Electronic Data Interchange Process
12.2 Electronic Data Interchange in Practice
12.3 Try It!
13 Using Help Functions

13.1 Field Helps and Search Windows
13.2 The Help Menu
13.3 Customizing the Help
13.4 Try It!

14 The Role and Authorization Concept
14.1 Authorizations
14.2 Roles
14.3 Try It!

Most Important Processes in the SAP System

15 Materials Management
16 Sales and Distribution
17 SAP ERP Financials
18 Controlling
19 Human Resources
20 Case Study