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QuarkXPress (Quark) - Introduction/Intermediate

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QuarkXpress Introduction & Intermediate

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Course Description

You have probably created simple documents such as letters and reports using word processing applications. You most likely applied basic type formatting, may have even included some graphics in the documents, and probably printed the documents yourself on a desktop printer. Now you may need to create high-quality single- and multiple-page documents for professional publication. In this course, you'll use QuarkXPress to lay out professional quality single and multiple-page documents that include text and graphics, and are designed for professional printing and publication.


Course Objective

You will use QuarkXPress to set up and lay out single-page and multiple-page documents.

Course Content


Lesson 1: Creating a Basic Single-Page Document

Topic 1A: Create a New Document
Topic 1B: Place Graphics
Topic 1C: Add Display Type
Topic 1D: Align Items to Guides
Topic 1E: Create Bleeds

Lesson 2: Structuring a Multi-Page Document

Topic 2A: Set Up a Facing-Pages Layout
Topic 2B: Create Additional Pages
Topic 2C: Define Colors
Topic 2D: Apply Colors
Topic 2E: Create and Apply Master Pages

Lesson 3: Typesetting

Topic 3A: Flow Text
Topic 3B: Adjust Vertical Spacing
Topic 3C: Align Type Horizontally
Topic 3D: Create Paragraph Rules
Topic 3E: Format Type with Style Sheets
Topic 3F: Modify Style Sheets

Lesson 4: Presenting Text and Graphics in Tables

Topic 4A: Create a Table Manually
Topic 4B: Create a Table from Text
Topic 4C: Display Graphics in Table Cells
Topic 4D: Resize Rows and Columns
Topic 4E: Modify Table Structure
Topic 4F: Format Table Cells

Lesson 5: Enhancing a Publication's Readability

Topic 5A: Check Spelling
Topic 5B: Apply Runaround
Topic 5C: Format Item Frames
Topic 5D: Inset Text
Topic 5E: Apply Continuation Page Numbering

Lesson 6: Finalizing a Document for Commercial Printing

Topic 6A: Check Picture Usage
Topic 6B: Check Font Usage
Topic 6C: Print a Proof
Topic 6D: Create Print Styles
Topic 6E: Collect for Output


Day 2 - QuarkXpress Introduction & Intermediate

Course Description

As you begin this course, you likely have a basic understanding of how QuarkXPress works. You may be able to create simple layouts and perform basic tasks, but find that's not enough to effectively work within a more professional, fast-paced environment. Throughout this course, you will build on your existing skills to learn some of the more advanced features of QuarkXPress, as well as learn some techniques that will allow you to improve your work flow.

Course Objective: You will take existing layouts and use efficient techniques to make them more professional-looking.

Course Content

Lesson 1: Creating Graphic Effects with Bézier Paths

Topic 1A: Draw Bézier Paths
Topic 1B: Reshape a Picture Box
Topic 1C: Combine Bézier Shapes
Topic 1D: Silhouette Pictures

Lesson 2: Creating Type Effects

Topic 2A: Create Drop Caps
Topic 2B: Reverse Type with a Style Sheet
Topic 2C: Typeset Numbers
Topic 2D: Create a Type Mask
Topic 2E: Flow Type on a Path
Topic 2F: Create a Type Shadow

Lesson 3: Efficiently Laying Out Pages

Topic 3A: Organize Design Elements in Libraries
Topic 3B: Step and Repeat Items
Topic 3C: Adjust Space Between Items
Topic 3D: Manipulate Items Within Groups
Topic 3E: Layer Items

Lesson 4: Professionally Typesetting Layouts

Topic 4A: Choose Appropriate Typefaces
Topic 4B: Choose Appropriate Leading
Topic 4C: Set Justification Options
Topic 4D: Hyphenate Text
Topic 4E: Track Type
Topic 4F: Kern Type

Lesson 5: Applying Color Management

Topic 5A: Determine When To Use Color Management
Topic 5B: Set Up Color Management
Topic 5C: Change Image Profiles
Topic 5D: Choose Printer Device Profiles

Lesson 6: Managing Long Documents

Topic 6A: Change Type Formatting Automatically
Topic 6B: Section a Document
Topic 6C: Create A List
Topic 6D: Index Documents
Topic 6E: Create A Book