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Public Speaking-Business Presentations & PowerPoint

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Public Speaking - Business Presentations & PowerPoint
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Course Description
Without a dynamic and coherent presentation, even stellar ideas can fail to convince your audience. In this course, you will learn active listening skills to facilitate the exchange of ideas in meetings and presentations. You will also organize your ideas to create coherent and convincing oral presentations, while also utilizing available visual aids and using public-speaking techniques to strengthen your delivery. You will also learn several Microsoft PowerPoint techniques and use them in the second day as you make another prepared presentation.

Course Objective: You will effectively participate in and conduct meetings, as well as deliver professional presentations with and without Microsoft PowerPoint.

Performance-Based Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • listen in an active, engaged manner and take good notes.
  • participate in, organize, and conduct a meeting.
  • organize, write, and deliver a professional presentation.
  • learn PowerPoint tips and tricks and deliver a presentation using PowerPoint.

Course Content

Lesson 1: Listening and Taking Notes

Topic 1A: Listen Effectively
Topic 1B: Take Good Notes

Lesson 2: Participating in and Conducting a Meeting

Topic 2A: Participate in a Meeting
Topic 2B: Decide to Meet
Topic 2C: Prepare for a Meeting
Topic 2D: Run a Meeting
Topic 2E: Conduct an Online Meeting

Lesson 3: Delivering Presentations

Topic 3A: Organize Material
Topic 3B: Write a Presentation
Topic 3C: Prepare Visuals
Topic 3D: Deliver a Presentation
Topic 3E: Respond to Questions


Day 2 -- Public Speaking - Business Presentations & PowerPoint


Lab Activity 1: Laying the foundation for a continuously running presentation

Create a presentation
Assign a standard timing
Assign individual slide timings
Provide effective transitions between slides
Continuously run the slide show

Lab Activity 2: Animate clip art for your presentation

Insert and ungroup the image or images
Manipulating the image components
It’s time to animate
The final touches

Lab Activity 3: Grab presentation viewers with morphing effects

Choose or create a slide
Add the images
Stack the images
Animate the object
Add animation effects
Test the timings and animation

Lab Activity 4: Narrate your presentation

Narrate your slides
Record sound on a single slide

Lab Activity 5: Draw a crowd to your presentation with Custom Soundtracks

Install the Custom Soundtracks add-in
Create a Custom Soundtrack

Delivering Presentations

Organize Material
Write a Presentation
Prepare Visuals
Deliver a Presentation
Respond to Questions