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PowerPoint Introduction Assessment / Quiz

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PowerPoint Introduction Assessment / Quiz

Please review the outline for this class to see if you are comfortable with the technical features from this level. Here are some questions to help determine if this level is right for you.


1.   What is another name for the File-Tab in the PowerPoint ribbon?

a.    Backstage View

b.    File Manager

c.    PowerPoint Manager

d.    File Tab


2.   To quickly add a slide use?

a.    Control – D

b.    Click New Slide on the home tab

c.    Control – M

d.    All the above


3.   To format all slides at once….

a.    Home tab, Layout Icon

b.    Design tab, Themes Icon

c.    Insert Tab, Reuse slides

d.    I don’t know


4.   To quickly brainstorm slide content.

a.    Use Notes View

b.    Use Outline View

c.    Use Slide Sorter

d.    Use Notes Master


5.   For the best overview of your prestation?

a.    Use the reading view

b.    Use the notes view

c.    Use the slide sorter view

d.    I don’t know


6.   The selection pane lets you?

a.    Modify objects on a slide.

b.    Select the slide you want to work with.

c.    Show or hide shapes on a slide.

d.    See all the current commands available.


7.   Why insert a table on a slide?

a.    To act as a spreadsheet

b.    To format content in rows and columns

c.    To create sections with different backgrounds

d.    I don’t know


8.   All charts in a PowerPoint deck must be created in Powerpoint?

a.    True

b.    False

c.    I don’t know


9.   Presenter View is turned on in the…

a.    Home Tab

b.    Slide Show Tab

c.    View Tab

d.    I don’t know


10.Speaker Notes are added by

a.    Inserting Comments

b.    Inserting Text Boxes

c.    Using the Notes Pane


d.    Using the Outline View

Answers:  1.A  2.D  3.B  4.B  5.C 6.C  7.B  8.B  9.B  10.C