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Photoshop Introduction/Intermediate Adobe
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Adobe Photoshop Training: Introduction & Intermediate

(public class max is 7 students)


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photoshop training


Photoshop Training Description

Adobe® Photoshop® has been an indispensable image editing software application for many years. As an aspiring graphic designer, you would like to familiarize yourself with image creation and editing using this software. Understanding the different tools and features available in Photoshop will help you to maximize your creative potential. In this course, you'll use the several tools and features of Photoshop  to work with images.

Course Objective:
You will explore the Photoshop interface and use several tools for selecting parts of images. You will learn to use layers and to apply layer effects and filters to create special effects. Additionally, you will use painting tools and blending modes to create shading effects. Finally, you will save images in print and web formats.

Target Student: This course is designed to cover the basic image editing features of Adobe Photoshop. It is also designed as one in a series of courses for students pursuing the Adobe Certification Exam for Adobe Photoshop, and it is a prerequisite to taking more advanced courses in the Adobe Photoshop series.

Delivery Method: Instructor led, group-paced delivery learning model with structured hands-on activities.

Photoshop Training Performance-Based Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • explore the Photoshop environment.
  • work with image areas.
  • work with multiple layers.
  • enhance images.
  • save images in the web, print, and PDF formats.
  • manage assets by using the various tools available in Adobe Bridge.

Photoshop Training

Photoshop Training Introduction - Day 1

Lesson 1: Exploring the Photoshop Environment

Topic 1A: Explore the Photoshop Interface
Topic 1B: Customize the Workspace
Topic 1C: Explore the Navigation Tools

Lesson 2: Working with Image Areas

Topic 2A: Select Image Areas
Topic 2B: Save a Selection
Topic 2C: Modify a Selection

Lesson 3: Working with Layers

Topic 3A: Create Layers
Topic 3B: Create Type Layers
Topic 3C: Transform Layers
Topic 3D: Alter Type Properties
Topic 3E: Apply Layer Styles
Topic 3F: Undo Previous Steps
Topic 3G: Arrange and Group Layers

Lesson 4: Enhancing Images

Topic 4A: Paint Strokes on an Image
Topic 4B: Apply Filter Effects
Topic 4C: Convert an Image to Black and White
Topic 4D: Blend Layers
Topic 4E: Merge Layers and Flatten Images

Lesson 5: Saving Images for Web and Print

Topic 5A: Save Images for Use in Print Applications
Topic 5B: Save Images for the Web
Topic 5C: Save Images as PDF

Lesson 6: Managing Assets with Adobe® Bridge

Topic 6A: Explore Adobe Bridge
Topic 6B: Work with Adobe Bridge
Topic 6C: Work with Stacks and Filters in Adobe Bridge
Topic 6D: Apply Metadata and Keywords to Files


Photoshop Training: Intermediate - Day 2

Photoshop Training Description

You have familiarized yourself with the basic image editing tools of Adobe® Photoshop®. Now, you may want to enhance the images and work with videos. In this course, you'll work with the advanced tools and features available in Photoshop.

Course Objective: You will enhance your ability to create accurate masks and image effects, to retouch images, to work with video files, and to automate repetitive tasks.

Photoshop Training Performance-Based Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • use the various tools to mask and clip layers to edit an image.
  • create and edit vector paths to use the paths to create masks.
  • use the tools available in Adobe® Photoshop® to enhance an image.
  • create special effects.
  • use the video tools available in Adobe® Photoshop® to edit video files.
  • automate tasks in Adobe® Photoshop®.

Photoshop Training Course Content

Lesson 1: Masking and Clipping Layers

Topic 1A: Edit an Image Using Quick Mask Overlay
Topic 1B: Save and Edit a Selection as an Alpha Channel
Topic 1C: Work with Layer Masks
Topic 1D: Clip a Layer

Lesson 2: Masking with Vector Paths

Topic 2A: Create Vector Paths
Topic 2B: Edit Paths
Topic 2C: Mask Images with Paths

Lesson 3: Enhancing Photographs

Topic 3A: Retouch Photographs Using Photoshop Tools
Topic 3B: Adjust Tonal Range Using Adjustment Layers
Topic 3C: Create Patterns
Topic 3D: Create Swatches and Gradients
Topic 3E: Create a Custom Brush

Lesson 4: Creating Special Effects

Topic 4A: Preview Text Effects Using Layer Comps
Topic 4B: Warp an Image
Topic 4C: Work in Vanishing Point

Lesson 5: Working with Video Files

Topic 5A: Preview Videos in Photoshop
Topic 5B: Retouch Videos

Lesson 6: Automating Tasks

Topic 6A: Create an Action
Topic 6B: Manage Actions
Topic 6C: Automate Tasks in Adobe Bridge

Appendix A: Working in Adobe Device Central

Supplemental Topic Preview Images in Adobe Device Central