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Outlook & Word Training Class in Los Angeles, CA

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Outlook & Word Training Class in Los Angeles, CA

* For specific class dates at our office, click here for Outlook or here for Word.

Sonic Training -- Los Angeles (Long Beach)
4401 N. Atlantic Avenue, Suite 200
Long Beach, CA 90807


Outlook and Word training in Los Angeles by Sonic Training can tailor the class to match the job duties of your employees, and even incorporate your exact software files (or database, applications, etc.). With our help, we can highlight the areas from our courseware you want to emphasize and remove the topics that don't apply to your situation. Each hour of training will be focused on your needs, not what the courseware offers. 

"I'm glad to know what the application is all about. We could not have known so much without your instructions." -- Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America, Los Angeles

Learning Microsoft Outlook and Word has several advantages:

  • We can customize the training with your project in mind;
  • Your group will save training dollars with on-site training;
  • More flexibility with your schedule. We can set up on-site training when you decide, not by our public schedule.
  • We can even train one or two students for a more focused training session (our daily rate is lower with smaller groups).
  • We guarantee a local Outlook and Word instructor will come to your office. This lowers our training costs (no flight or hotel costs to pay) and makes it easier to have any follow-up training.
  • PC or Mac classroom setup. If you don't have a training room, we can bring our own equipment, PC's or Mac's.

Click here to request a price quote for your on-site training needs, or call us at 1-877-760-0078.

Quality Outlook and Word Instructors With Real-World Experience
Sonic Training instructors have at least three years of teaching experience and an average of eight years of technical-related experience. The practical real-world experience is critical in the classroom, since on-the-spot student questions can be answered much more effectively. Some of our instructors are published authors of books and technical articles in their respective fields.

"Your custom class was exactly what we needed at the exact time for our project. --

For Outlook and Word courses held at client sites, Sonic Training provides all student materials including student guides and necessary textbooks. The client is responsible for providing the training venue including computer hardware and software required for laboratory sessions. Sonic Training can provide equipment to support training at very reasonable rates when required. Course delivery is scheduled by mutual agreement in accordance with the availability of Sonic Training instructors and the requirements of the client corporation. For larger scale training rollouts, multi-city training or international training, see our Enterprise Training offerings and to consult with an Enterprise training professional

Click here to request a price quote for your on-site training needs, or call us at 1-877-760-0078.



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