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Microsoft SharePoint Fundamentals Assessment / Quiz

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Microsoft SharePoint Fundamentals Assessment / Quiz

Please review the outline for this class to see if you are comfortable with the technical features from this level. This is a self assessment.

Lesson 1: Interacting with SharePoint Sites

Topic A: Access SharePoint Sites

Topic B: Navigate a SharePoint Site

Topic C: Access SharePoint from Your Mobile Device


Lesson 2: Working with Documents, Content, and Lists

Topic A: Store, Access, and Modify Documents and Files

Topic B: Add and Populate Lists

Topic C: Configure List Views, Filters, and Grouping


Lesson 3: Searching, Sharing, and Following Content

Topic A: Configure Your Delve Profile

Topic B: Share and Follow Content

Topic C: Search for Content 

Update and Share Your Profile Information
Share and Follow SharePoint Content
Create a Blog

Lesson 4: Interacting with Office 365 Files

Topic A: Synchronize SharePoint Files with OneDrive

Topic B: Save and Share Office 365 Documents

Topic C: Manage File Versions and Document Recovery


 Access and Save SharePoint Documents with Microsoft Office

 Manage Document Versions through Office

 Access SharePoint Data from Outlook


Lesson 5: Managing Office 365 Apps with SharePoint

Topic A: Manage Microsoft Outlook with SharePoint

Topic B: Manage Microsoft Teams with SharePoint

Topic C: Manage Tasks with Planner and SharePoint


Lesson 6: Configuring Site Settings

Topic A: Configure SharePoint Site Settings

Topic B: Configure Navigation in SharePoint

Topic C: Plan and Implement SharePoint Hub Sites


Lesson 7: Integrating External Data and Apps

Topic A: Integrate Outlook with SharePoint

Topic B: Integrate Other Microsoft Apps with SharePoint

Topic C: Integrate Third-Party Apps and Services with SharePoint