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Microsoft PowerPoint - Presentations - 1 Day

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Microsoft PowerPoint Presentations

Price: $250 for one full day
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Performance-Based Objectives
Upon successful completion of this lab, students will be able to:

    * Add transition effects and set a slide show to run continuously

    * Create animation by assembling an object

    * Transform one image into another, creating a "morphing" effect

    * Record narration to add to a slide show

    * Create a Custom Soundtrack to accompany a presentation

Course Content

Lab Activity 1: Laying the foundation for a continuously running presentation

    * Create a presentation

    * Assign a standard timing

    * Assign individual slide timings

    * Provide effective transitions between slides

    * Continuously run the slide show

Lab Activity 2: Animate clip art for your presentation

    * Insert and ungroup the image or images

    * Manipulating the image components

    * It’s time to animate

    * The final touches

Lab Activity 3: Grab presentation viewers with morphing effects

    * Choose or create a slide

    * Add the images
    * Stack the images

    * Animate the objects

    * Add animation effects

    * Test the timings and animation

Lab Activity 4: Narrate your presentation
   * Narrate your slides

    * Record sound on a single slide


Lab Activity 5: Draw a crowd to your presentation with Custom Soundtracks

    * Install the Custom Soundtracks add-in

    * Create a Custom Soundtrack