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Microsoft Office Training Short Descriptions

Which class level is best for you?  Please review the class outlines below to see if you are comfortable with the technical features of that level. Click here to assess which class level is best for you.

Microsoft Office 2021 and Windows 11: New Features  / Transitions
With the release of Windows 11 and Office 2021, Microsoft has made strides in bridging the gap between your laptop or desktop PC, and a variety of mobile devices. While this may bring us one step closer to the ability to work anywhere, any time, from any device, it can present some challenges. How can an operating system designed to work on mobile devices also function on a PC?
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Microsoft Access Introduction & Intermediate
This course is designed for students who wish to learn the basic operations of the Microsoft Access Database program to perform their day-to-day responsibilities, and to understand the advantages that using a relational database program can bring to their business processes.
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Microsoft Excel Introduction
You have basic computer skills such as using a mouse, navigating through windows, and surfing the Internet. You have also used paper-based systems to store data that you run calculations on. You now want to migrate that data to an electronic format. In this course, you will use Microsoft® Office Excel to manage, edit, and print data.
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Microsoft Excel Intermediate & Advanced
In Microsoft® Office Excel: Level 1, you created, edited, formatted, and printed basic spreadsheets. You now have a need to streamline repetitive tasks and display spreadsheet data in more visually effective ways. In this course, you will use Microsoft® Excel to streamline and enhance your spreadsheets with templates, charts, graphics, and formulas.
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Microsoft Excel Data Analysis with Pivot Tables
You already have experience working with Excel and creating basic PivotTables to summarize data. But, Excel is capable of doing so much more. Being able to harness the power of advanced PivotTable features and create PivotCharts will help you to gain a competitive edge. You will not only be able to summarize data for you to analyze, but also organize the data in a way that can be meaningfully presented to others. This leads to data-driven business decisions that have a better chance for success for everyone involved.
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Microsoft Excel Data Analysis and Visualization
This course is designed for students who already have foundational knowledge and skills in Excel and who wish to perform robust and advanced data and statistical analysis with Microsoft Excel using Pivot Tables, use tools such as Power Pivot and the Data Analysis ToolPak to analyze data, and visualize data and insights using advanced visualizations in charts and dashboards in Excel.
⇒Click here for full description.

Microsoft Outlook Introduction / Intermediate
This course is the first in a series of three Microsoft® Office Outlook® courses. It will provide you with the skills you need to start sending and responding to email in Microsoft® Outlook® , as well as maintaining your Calendar, scheduling meetings, and working with tasks and notes.
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Microsoft Outlook Advanced
⇒Click here for full description.

Microsoft Power BI Fundamentals (Introduction & Intermediate)

This course is designed for professionals in a variety of job roles who are currently using desktop or web-based data-management tools such as Microsoft Excel or SQL Server reporting server to perform numerical or general data analysis. They are responsible for conducting data analysis and providing reports about their analysis, and are looking for alternative ways to analyze business data.
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Microsoft PowerPoint Introduction / Intermediate
In the past, you have used paper-based overhead systems to give presentations. Now, you want to upgrade those presentations to an electronic format. You can use Microsoft® Office PowerPoint® to give electronic presentations.
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Microsoft Project Introduction & Intermediate
This course will use Microsoft Office Project Professional as a tool to assist in managing projects. The topics in this course cover the critical skills necessary to create and modify a project plan file that contains tasks, resources, and resource assignments.
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Microsoft Project Advanced
You need to gather information about the various tasks involved, resources required to accomplish the tasks, and the overall cost in order to plan a project. Microsoft® Office Project Professional acts as a tool that assists you in managing your projects. In this course, you will create and modify a project plan.
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Microsoft SharePoint
In almost every office around the world, people communicate and share ideas to create products and services. This information sharing often requires multiple software and web applications that do not necessarily work together perfectly. In contrast, Windows® SharePoint® services combines familiar office tools, adds the latest technology, and extends the functionality of applications and the web into a single environment to share information and collaborate with colleagues, no matter where you are or how you access the information. In this course, you will create and edit content in a Windows SharePoint Services team website, and then you will create and manage your own team site.
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Microsoft Word Introduction
⇒Click here for full description.

Microsoft Word Intermediate
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Other Microsoft class we can teach:

  • Visio
  • OneNote
  • OneDrive
  • Teams

*  There are more course descriptions available when you search for your specific course. This is only a sample list.

Other Courses:

Public Speaking- Business Presentations and PowerPoint
Without a dynamic and coherent presentation, even stellar ideas can fail to convince your audience. In this course, you will learn active listening skills to facilitate the exchange of ideas in meetings and presentations. You will also organize your ideas to create coherent and convincing oral presentations, while also utilizing available visual aids and using public-speaking techniques to strengthen your delivery. You will also learn several Microsoft PowerPoint techniques and use them in the second day as you make another prepared presentation.
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QuickBooks Introduction & Intermediate
This course is an introduction on how to use QuickBooks to best meet the needs of your business. The main objective is to introduce you to QuickBooks's basic features and give you an opportunity for hands-on practice. You will learn about the types of information you need to track in your business, and how to enter that information and track it in QuickBooks. By the time you complete the course, you will have a good idea of how an accounting software package can save time and help organize business finances. When you are ready to use QuickBooks, you will be familiar with the most common tasks and will know where to find information about more advanced features.
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Project Management Fundamentals
This course overviews the basics of project management. It provides the theory and core methodology you will need to manage projects or participate on project teams.  This course does not make use of any project management software application, but instead focuses on the conceptual underpinnings that students must know in order to use any project management software application effectively.
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