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Microsoft FrontPage - Introduction & Intermediate

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Microsoft FrontPage
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Course Description:
As you begin this course, you should have the skills you need to work with Microsoft Office applications, especially Microsoft Word. This includes creating and editing documents that contain text, tables, and images. Now you are ready to use a graphical application to create Web sites and Web pages. In this course, you will use Microsoft FrontPage to design, develop, and deploy Web sites that can be viewed on any Web-enabled computer around the world. FrontPage Introduction and Intermediate is for someone who wants to create Web sites and Web pages in a graphical application.

Course Objective: In this course, you will create and publish a Web site using Microsoft FrontPage.

Course Content

Lesson: Course Introduction and HTML Fundamentals

Topic Objective: In this topic, you will identify the relevance of the course-content.

Lesson: Creating a Web and HTML Fundamentals

Topic: Overview of Web Development and Basic HTML knowledge
Topic: Create a New Web Site
Topic: Create and Format Web Page Text
Topic: Create Pages
Topic: Import Web Pages
Topic: Lab: Creating a New Web Site and Home Page

Lesson: Adding Images

Topic: Add a Picture to a Web Page
Topic: Edit a Picture
Topic: Add a New Drawing
Topic: Add a Photo Gallery
Topic: Modify a Photo Gallery
Topic: Lab: Adding Photos to a Web Site
Topic: Lesson Follow Up

Lesson: Creating Links

Topic: Add Hyperlinks
Topic: Add Bookmark Links
Topic: Link from an Image
Topic: Lab: Connecting Pages in a Web Site
Topic: Lesson Follow Up

Lesson: Adding Tables

Topic: Insert a Table
Topic: Set Table Properties
Topic: Set Cell Properties
Topic: Edit Table Structure
Topic: Split Tables
Topic: AutoFormat a Table
Topic: Lab: Adding a Table to a Page
Topic: Lesson Follow Up

Lesson: Formatting a Web Page

Topic: Apply a Theme
Topic: Customize a Theme
Topic: Creating and Formatting with Styles
Topic: Set the Background
Topic: Test in Multiple Browsers
Topic: Lab: Formatting a Web Page
Topic: Lesson Follow Up

Lesson: Designing Your Web Pages

Topic: Design a Web Page Layout
Topic: Lay Out a Web Page with Tables
Topic: Create and Apply a Dynamic Web Template
Topic: Lab: Laying Out a Page with a Table
Topic: Lesson Follow Up

Lesson: Structuring a Web Site with Navigation View

Topic: Create a Navigation Structure
Topic: Modify a Navigation Structure
Topic: Remove a Web Page from a Webs Navigation Structure
Topic: Lab: Creating a Web Navigation View

Lesson: Publishing a Web

Topic: Prepare Your Web Site for Publishing
Topic: Publish Your Web
Topic: Publish a Web Site from One Location to Another
Topic: Lab: Finalizing and Publishing a Web Site

Lesson: Course Follow Up

Topic: Course Follow Up