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Illustrator Introduction/Intermediate Adobe

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Illustrator® Introduction/Intermediate Adobe    (public class max is 7 students)


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To View Class Dates: Please use the pull down options on the upper left of this page to select your course and city. You can then navigate to other classes in that same city, view class descriptions and register for the class or you call us and register now, 877-760-0078.

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Course Description

Adobe® Illustrator® is a sophisticated graphics application that helps you to create complex and attractive designs with type effects. You can create logos, advertisements, and other illustrations with ease using this software. However, creating complex designs can be overwhelming if you are not familiar with the tools present in Adobe Illustrator and their features. In this course, you will learn to use Adobe Illustrator by drawing and manipulating simple shapes to create logos. You will also combine text and graphics to create advertisements.

Course Objective: You will use Adobe Illustrator to create illustrations such as logos and advertisements that include type and graphics.

Delivery Method: Instructor led, group-paced delivery learning model with structured hands-on activities.

Performance-Based Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • create simple and freeform shapes.
  • create logos using simple shapes.
  • create logos using custom paths.
  • enhance logo text.
  • manipulate body type.
  • create an advertisement.
  • organize creative assets using Adobe® Bridge.

Course Content

Lesson 1: Creating Simple Shapes

Topic 1A: Create a New Document
Topic 1B: Customize the Workspace
Topic 1C: Draw Basic Shapes with the Shape Tools
Topic 1D: Draw Basic Freeform Shapes with the Pencil Tool

Lesson 2: Creating Logos Using Simple Shapes

Topic 2A: Format Objects
Topic 2B: Manipulate Objects
Topic 2C: Insert Type

Lesson 3: Creating Logos Using Custom Paths

Topic 3A: Draw Paths with the Pen Tool
Topic 3B: Modify Existing Shapes
Topic 3C: Duplicate Objects
Topic 3D: Apply Graphic Styles

Lesson 4: Enhancing Logo Type

Topic 4A: Apply Gradients to Type
Topic 4B: Flow Type on a Path
Topic 4C: Apply an Envelope to Type

Lesson 5: Manipulating Body Type

Topic 5A: Import Body Type
Topic 5B: Format Type with Styles
Topic 5C: Find and Replace Text
Topic 5D: Fix Spelling Errors
Topic 5E: Insert Typographic Characters

Lesson 6: Creating an Advertisement

Topic 6A: Import a Graphic
Topic 6B: Align Objects
Topic 6C: Apply Spot Colors
Topic 6D: Wrap Text
Topic 6E: Export a File

Lesson 7: Organizing Assets with Adobe® Bridge

Topic 7A: Customize the Adobe Bridge Workspace
Topic 7B: Append Metadata to Assets


Day 2 -- Illustrator Intermediate

Course Description
You probably used Adobe® Illustrator® to create simple illustrations and logos. However, you may need to create complex illustrations, print documents without any errors or color mismatches, or prepare illustrations for the web. In this course, you will create complex, robust illustrations that go beyond those you could create using Illustrator's basic tools.

Course Objective: You will create complex illustrations, manage color across a range of devices, and control how illustrations print, appear on the web and preview them in mobile devices.

Target Student: This course is intended for designers, publishers, pre-press professionals, marketing communications professionals, or people switching to a design job or taking on design responsibilities, who need to use Illustrator to create illustrations, logos, advertisements, or other graphic documents.

Performance-Based Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • create a complex illustration.
  • enhance complex illustrations.
  • create a vector version of a raster graphic.
  • color an artwork using the Live Paint and Live Color features.
  • create special effects.
  • apply color management so that the colors on the screen and the output match as accurately as possible.
  • prepare documents for composite and commercial printing.
  • export graphics for the web and mobile.

Course Content

Lesson 1: Creating Complex Illustrations

Topic 1A: Create a Custom Shape Using Simple Shapes
Topic 1B: Create Compound Paths
Topic 1C: Offset Paths
Topic 1D: Erase Shapes

Lesson 2: Enhancing Complex Illustrations

Topic 2A: Apply Effects
Topic 2B: Create Symbols
Topic 2C: Create Custom Brushes
Topic 2D: Organize Objects With Layers
Topic 2E: Modify Global Colors
Topic 2F: Create a Mesh

Lesson 3: Creating a Vector Version of a Raster Graphic

Topic 3A: Open Layered Photoshop Documents
Topic 3B: Trace Raster Images Manually
Topic 3C: Trace Artwork Automatically
Topic 3D: Adjust the Results of Tracing
Topic 3E: Apply a Custom Preset
Topic 3F: Convert a Traced Object to Paths

Lesson 4: Coloring Artwork

Topic 4A: Apply Color Using Live Paint
Topic 4B: Correct Gaps in Objects
Topic 4C: Convert Objects to Live Paint Groups
Topic 4D: Apply Color Using Live Color

Lesson 5: Creating Special Effects

Topic 5A: Simplify Paths
Topic 5B: Create Masks
Topic 5C: Create 3D Effects
Topic 5D: Create Blends
Topic 5E: Share Graphic Styles

Lesson 6: Applying Color Management

Topic 6A: Decide When to Use Color Management
Topic 6B: Set Up Color Management

Lesson 7: Outputting Documents

Topic 7A: Create a Crop Area
Topic 7B: Preview an Overprint
Topic 7C: Print a Composite Proof
Topic 7D: Create Color Separations
Topic 7E: Create an Adobe PDF File

Lesson 8: Exporting Graphics for the Web and Mobile

Topic 8A: Convert Colors to Web-Safe Colors
Topic 8B: Create Slices
Topic 8C: Add Interactivity to an SVG File
Topic 8D: Export Web Graphics
Topic 8E: Preview an Illustration for Mobile Output

Appendix A: Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) Objectives Mapping