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HTML 5 Class: Fundamentals Training

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HTML 5 Class: Introduction & Intermediate

(public class max is 5 students)

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html class


HTML 5 Class: Introduction & Intermediate

(public class max is 5 students)

Course length: 2 days

HTML Class Description: Introduction

Introduction &Intermediate HTML Class Description:

In this ILT Series course, students will learn how use HTML5 elements and attributes to structure Web content. They will learn how to create semantically meaningful page structures and use CSS to control design and layout properties.

Students will also learn how to work with lists and tables, create and format links, and work with images and background images.

HTML Class Table Of Contents:

Unit 1: Getting started
Topic A: Introduction to HTML5
Topic B: Basic HTML structure

Unit 2: Elements and attributes
Topic A: Document structure
Topic B: Phrase elements
Topic C: Attributes

Unit 3: Style sheets
Topic A: Introduction to style sheets
Topic B: Basic text and font styles
Topic C: Box styles

Unit 4: Tables
Topic A: Displaying tabular data

Unit 5: Links and images
Topic A: Creating and formatting links
Topic B: Working with images


HTML Class: Intermediate

Intermediate HTML Class Description:

Building on the concepts in HTML 5: Basic, this ILT series course is designed for students with limited or outdated HTML experience who want to learn some of the more advanced elements and techniques of HTML5. In this course, students will explore effective web site planning and authoring principles, and they will learn how to create a semantic document structure. They will learn how to build interactive forms, apply native data validation, and embed HTML5 audio and video.

Students will also learn some advanced CSS techniques, including using pseudo classes and pseudo elements. Finally, students will learn how to incorporate special fonts by linking to cloud services, and they will learn how to use the local storage feature in modern browsers.

Intermediate HTML Class Table Of Contents:

Unit 1: Authoring guidelines
Topic A: Planning a Web site
Topic B: HTML5 authoring
Topic C: Content organization and structure
Topic D: Basic SEO

Unit 2: HTML5 forms
Topic A: Interactive forms
Topic B: Data validation and error feedback
Topic C: Form structure and styles
Topic D: Form design considerations

Unit 3: Audio and video
Topic A: Embedding native audio
Topic B: Embedding native video

Unit 4: CSS techniques
Topic A: Styles that improve efficiency
Topic B: Fonts in the cloud
Topic C: Generated content

Unit 5: Local storage and site testing
Topic A: Editable content and local storage
Topic B: Site testing basics