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Google Sheets Intermediate

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Google Sheets Intermediate (G Suite)


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Course Description


Google Sheets Intermediate


·         Customize and enhancing environment with Dashboard in Google Sheets

·         Calculating Data with Advanced Formulas

o   Use Specialized Functions

o   Analyze Data

·         Analyzing Data Using PivotTables with Google Sheets

·         Organizing Sheet and Table Data

·         Use Functions to Calculate Data

·         Presenting Data Using Charts and Objects

·         Google Forms – Tips/tricks (more advanced)

·         Q/A for Advanced Formulas, Macros, What/If

·         Q/A for customizing Dashboard

·         Q/A for Mobile Sheets

·         Google Sheets and Add-Ons

o   Data Gathering

o   Sharing/Publishing

o   Build your own Add-ons

o   Working offline with Google Sheets

·         Apps Scripts – An introduction

o   Building your first script

o   Editing current app scripts

o   Other uses of Google’s app scripts