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Filemaker Pro Introduction/Intermediate

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FileMaker Pro Introduction & Intermediate - (Public class max is 5 students)

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Course Description
You have probably used a computer to gather, process, and share information. For example, you may have searched for product information on the Internet, totalled expenses using a spreadsheet application, or typed and printed a memo using a word processing application. You may now need to store a large amount of information in an organized manner so that you can quickly and easily sort the information in various ways, and locate specific pieces of information efficiently. In this case, you'll use FileMaker Pro to create and use databases to store and organize information so that it is available for efficient retrieval.

Course Objective: You will use FileMaker Pro to create and use databases to store and organize information.

Performance-Based Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • access data in an existing database.
  • locate records and groups of records that meet specific criteria.
  • create a new database that includes multiple records and multiple layouts.
  • create database layouts by positioning and formatting fields.
  • add graphic and text elements to layouts.
  • create several layouts that can be output to display data for various needs.
  • create a columnar report layout that includes sub-summary data for specified groups of records.

Course Content

Lesson 1: Maintaining a Database

Topic 1A: Browse Records
Topic 1B: Add Records
Topic 1C: Edit Records
Topic 1D: Sort Records
Topic 1E: Print a Report

Lesson 2: Finding Records

Topic 2A: Find Records Meeting All Specified Criteria
Topic 2B: Specify an OR Search
Topic 2C: Refine Found Sets

Lesson 3: Setting Up a Database

Topic 3A: Create a New Database File
Topic 3B: Import Data
Topic 3C: Calculate Field Data Automatically
Topic 3D: Create an Automatic Numbering Field
Topic 3E: Control Field Validation

Lesson 4: Formatting Fields

Topic 4A: Position and Resize Fields
Topic 4B: Format Fields
Topic 4C: Format Value Lists
Topic 4D: Create Repeating Fields
Topic 4E: Set Tab Order

Lesson 5: Adding Graphics and Text to Layouts

Topic 5A: Draw and Position Graphic Elements
Topic 5B: Import Graphics
Topic 5C: Add Text Elements

Lesson 6: Creating Layouts for Mailing Form Letters

Topic 6A: Create Mailing Labels
Topic 6B: Create a Personalized Form Letter

Lesson 7: Creating Columnar Reports

Topic 7A: Create a Columnar Report Layout
Topic 7B: Create Summary Data
Topic 7C: Create Sub-Summary Data


Day 2 -- FileMaker Pro Introduction & Intermediate

Course Description
You have probably been using FileMaker Pro for a while, maintaining databases that other people have designed, and even designing some yourself. You may have created several databases to track information like contacts, inventory, or other information that you can't adequately manage using a spreadsheet or word processing application. However, you may be faced with a project where a single FileMaker database cannot handle the information you need to manage. For example, you may want to link customers with the purchases they make. If you have tried to place this information in a single database, you may have duplicated data unintentionally. In this course, you will use FileMaker Pro to create a system of integrated databases that can manage the information efficiently, and make it easy to alter the system as your needs change. In addition, you may need to share your databases with other users on a network or even over the Internet. You will set up databases so that they can be accessed by someone in the same office, or by a customer using a Web browser.

Course Objective: You will develop a system of automated inter-related databases, and you will share databases over a network or the Internet.

Performance-Based Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:


  • link databases with one-to-many and many-to-one data relationships.
  • relate databases containing a theoretical many-to-many data relationship.
  • create scripts to automate repetitive tasks, and will create buttons that execute scripts, switch layouts, or perform commands.
  • set up databases for sharing over a network, and will define users, groups, and access privileges for those databases.
  • publish a FileMaker Pro database on the World Wide Web.

Course Content

Lesson 1: Defining One-to-Many and Many-to-One Data Relationships

Topic 1A: Define a Many-to-One Relationship
Topic 1B: Display Related Information from a “Many” Database

Lesson 2: Setting Up a Many-to-Many Database Relationship

Topic 2A: Create an Intermediate Database
Topic 2B: Access Data from a Related “Many” File
Topic 2C: Summarize Related “Many” Data
Topic 2D: Control Addition or Deletion of Related Records
Topic 2E: Create Value Lists from Data in Related Files

Lesson 3: Creating Buttons and Scripts

Topic 3A: Create Buttons that Execute Commands
Topic 3B: Create Scripts to Perform Complex Tasks
Topic 3C: Create Buttons to Execute Scripts

Lesson 4: Sharing FileMaker Pro Databases

Topic 4A: Set Up a Database for Access by Multiple Users
Topic 4B: How to Control Access to a Database

Lesson 5: Creating a Database for the Web

Topic 5A: Define Container and Global Fields
Topic 5B: Enable Instant Web Publishing
Topic 5C: Determine the Look of a Published Database
Topic 5D: Create a Custom Home Page for a Web-Enabled Database