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Excel Introduction Assessment Quiz

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Excel Introduction Assessment / Quiz


Find out which level of training is best for you. Answer the below questions and check the answers at the bottom. 

1.       By default, Microsoft Excel automatically saves a copy of your spreadsheet every 10 minutes.

A. True 
B. False

2.       How can you add a column?

          A. Click the “add column” icon
          B.  Highlight column and right click and select ‘insert’
          C. You can’t add a column in Excel

3.       Grouping worksheets allows the user to make changes to several worksheets at once.

A. True
B. False  

4.       The fill handle only allows you to copy formulas to several different cells.

A. True
B. False  

5.       Any changes made to an Excel document can be tracked in a separate worksheet.

A. True  
B. False

6.       The Subtotals command adds numbers in a designated column.

A. True
B. False  

7.       What are predesigned spreadsheets called and where can they be found?

A. Templates; Page Layout Tab
B. Design Documents; Backstage View
C. Templates; Backstage View  
D. Design Documents; Page Layout Tab

8.       Alex needs to add three cells and then divide the sum by 4. Which of the following is an example of the correct formula to do this?

A. =(A1+A2+A3)/4  
B. A1+A2+A3/4
C. =A1+A2+A3^4
D. (A1+A2) + A3/4

9.       When creating a table in Excel, what will clicking the drop down arrows in the headings allow you to do?

A. Fill the column with color
B. Filter the data  
C. Format the cells
D. Hide the column

10.     How do you auto list the months of the year in a column?

     A.   Type in each month, then copy/paste for the second year
B.   Type in at least 5 months, then auto scroll down
C.   Type in one month, then auto scroll down   



1. A  2.B  3.B  4.B  5.A  6.B  7.C  8.A  9.B  10.C

*  If you get at least 7 correct, then you should take the next level up. 

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