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Excel Intermediate Assessment Quiz

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Excel Intermediate Assessment / Quiz


Find out which level of training is best for you. Answer the below questions and check the answers at the bottom. 

1. Where is the name box when you name a cell range?

A   Right of the formula bar

B  Left of the formula bar

C  Above the formula bar

D  Right click on the most left cell in the range

E  I don't know

2. If I copy the following formula: =B5+D5 down a cell (to the next row), the newly copied formula will be:

A   The same: =B5+D5.

B  You can’t copy formulas.

C  =B6+D6

D  I don’t know.

3. What does the use of a "$" in a cell reference (formula bar) do?

A   Gives your results back in currency format

B  Gives your results back in accounting format

C  Creates a fixed array for your formula - makes cell reference absolute

D  Creates an array for when using multiple formulas for a single solution

E  I don't know

4. In a basic IF function, what is the order inside the parenthesis?

A   True, False, Criterion

B  True, Criterion, False

C  Criterion, True, False

D  True, False

E  I don't know

5. Can you add or subtract dates?

  A Yes

  B No

  C I don't know

6. VLOOKUP function searches:

A   The entire spreadsheet

B  Vertically searches the first column of a table and returns specified data from the same row

C  Horizontally and vertically

D  Horizontally across a table’s column headings

E  I don't know

7. AND and OR Conditions can be used interchangeably?

A   True

B  False

C  I don't know

8. Naming a cell has the following benefit:

A   Makes cell reference absolute.

B  Can be used in a formula.

C  Creates a Go To using the Name Box drop-down.

D  All of the above.

E  I don’t know.

9.       PivotTable are used for:

A       Summarizing and analyzing large amounts of data

B       Only analyzing external data

C       Expanding summarized data

D       None of the above

10.     Must you have a PivotTable to create a PivotChart?

A       Yes

B      No

11.     When customizing popular functions, first:

A       Click the Help button

B       Click the Start button, then Prepare icon

C       Click the Start button, then Excel Options

D       None of the above

12.     Ghosted text behind the contents of a page is called:

A       Page borders

B       Page background

C       Watermark

D       I don’t know



1. B  2.C  3.C  4.C  5.A  6.B  7.B  8.D  9.A  10.A 11.C  12.C

*  If you get at least 9 correct, then you should take the next level up. 

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