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Excel Advanced Assessment Quiz

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Excel Advanced Assessment / Quiz


Find out which level of training is best for you. Answer the below questions and check the answers at the bottom. 

1. Workspace files are save with which file extension?

A .xls

B .doc

C .dat

D .wsf

E .xlw

F  I don't know

2. When using a Hyperlink, you can access data in a Word document...

A  Into several ranges.

B  into one workbook.

C  Into one range

D  I don't know

3. What is the file extension to create an advanced template?

A .xltx

B .xls

C .dat

D .xlw

E I don't know

4. A PivotChart report provides a graphical representation of the data in a PivotTable report.

A True

B False

C I don't know

5. Banded columns are:

A Combining columns

B Formatting columns into separate even and odd columns

C Combining formulas from columns highlighted

D I don't know

6. Which dialog box creates secondary axis?

A Manage templates

B Right click the axis and select format data series

C Right click the data series and select format data series

D I don't now

7. On the Home tab, in the Styles group, click Cell Styles to create custom style cells

A True

B False

C I don't know

8. Have you created a trendline?   

A  Yes  

B  No

9. Have you worked with What/If statements?  

A  Yes   

B  No

10. Have you created a macro?   

A  Yes  

B  No



1. E  2.C  3.A  4.A  5.B  6.C  7.A  8.A  9.A  10.A 

*  If you get at least 7 correct, then you should take the next level up. 

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