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***   All database public classes are limited to 5 students -
small, focused training.    ***

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Class Price:
All public classes range from $350 to $695 -- see class schedule for exact pricing.


Database Short Descriptions


FileMaker Pro Introduction & Intermediate
You have probably used a computer to gather, process, and share information. For example, you may have searched for product information on the Internet, totaled expenses using a spreadsheet application, or typed and printed a memo using a word processing application. You may now need to store a large amount of information in an organized manner so that you can quickly and easily sort the information in various ways, and locate specific pieces of information efficiently. In this case, you'll use FileMaker Pro to create and use databases to store and organize information so that it is available for efficient retrieval.
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Oracle Fundamentals - 11g
This course is designed for any database professional whose company is considering transition to Oracle or is about to move to Oracle databases. Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • identify the fundamental concepts of databases and the Oracle 11g RDBMS.
  • identify the various components in the Oracle 11g architecture.
  • use SQL commands in the Oracle 11g interface and execute simple queries to manage data.
  • create other database objects such as indexes, sequences, views, and synonyms.

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Microsoft Access Introduction & Intermediate
Most organizations maintain and manage large amounts of information. One of the most efficient and powerful information management computer applications is the relational database. Information can be stored, linked, and managed using a single relational database application and its associated tools. In this course, you will be introduced to the concept of the relational database by using the Microsoft® Office Access relational database application and its information management tools.
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Microsoft Access Advanced
You have worked with the various Access objects, such as tables, queries, forms, and reports. In this course, you will extend your knowledge into some of the more specialized and advanced capabilities of Access by structuring existing data, writing advanced queries, working with macros, enhancing forms and reports, and maintaining a database.

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SAP Software Fundamentals /  Overview
Highlights Include:
1.  Get familiar with SAP without fuss or confusion and learn what the SAP software does with step-by-step instructions on how to perform your daily tasks.  2.    Screenshots from the SAP system Are you a visual learner? You'll benefit from the hundreds of screenshots throughout the text that show you the right path.  3.    Case studies Get a better understanding of how SAP software is used to solve real-world business problems through numerous case studies.
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SQL Fundamentals
You have access to company databases and your job may require you to retrieve data from those databases. Retrieval of information from a database is dependent on precisely ordered logic and specific information. This course will help you to use Structured Query Language (SQL) as a tool to implement that logic and define instructions.
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