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Access Intermediate Assessment / Quiz

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Access Intermediate Assessment / Quiz

Please review the outline for this class to see if you are comfortable with the technical features from this level. Here are some questions to help determine if this level is right for you.

1. When using the Lookup Wizard, you-

A. Always select from set of choices you enter

B. Always either select from a set of entries you enter or entries from another table

C. Always select from entries in another table.

D. You don’t select from any entries in the wizard

2. A parameter query-

A. Is the most common kind of query

B. Requires you enter criteria when the query runs

C. is for querying multiple tables

D. Is  for outputting data across columns


3. Which of the following is NOT an action query?

A. A Select Query

B. An Append Query

C. An Update Query

D. A Delete Query

4. Which of the following does NOT relate to a form?

A. An object that enables you to enter one record per screen

B. A subform within a form

C. A form that is based on a multi-table query

D. An object where the data is actually stored, not just viewed

5. Which of the following is true of a subform?

A. The subform has a linking field to the host form

B. The subform usually appears without the host form to the user

C. Form/subforms can work without a linking field

D. There is no object tool  that enables you to create a subform within a form.


6. Which of the following is NOT true of a report?

A. It can be grouped and sorted with that tool

B. It can be edited in Layout or Design view

C. It cannot ordinarily be typed into when viewing the report

D. It is fully editable in Report view


7. Which of the following is NOT true of Access?

A. Data can be exported from it

B. Data can be imported into it on a one-time basis

C. There can be a live link with the data coming in

D. You can easily chart data and use it for complex data analysis


8. Which of the following is true of Access?

          A. It is a multi-user database

          B. It is a data analysis tool for dashboards and similar

          C. It is ideal for cross-table querying and reporting


          D. It is used heavily in the enterprise

Answers: 1.B, 2.B, 3.A, 4.D, 5.A, 6.D, 7.D, 8. C