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ACT - Introduction & Intermediate

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ACT! Introduction & Intermediate - (Public class max is 5 students)

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Course Description
In business, you may tend to possess a lot of information about your contacts. Business contacts and related information need to be properly maintained so that you can access or modify them whenever required. ACT! is a contact management system to work with your business contacts, manage events, track relevant communications, and enhance your business relationships significantly.

Course Objective: You will launch ACT! to create a new database, to which you will add contacts. You will find and sort contacts, categorize contacts, schedule activities, manage tasks and conflicts, and work with recurring activities and documents. You will then create sales opportunities for contacts and schedule annual events.

Delivery Method: Instructor led, group-paced delivery learning model with structured hands-on activities.

Performance-Based Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • explore ACT!
  • manage a contact database.
  • organize contacts.
  • work with calendars and activities.
  • organize sales opportunities and contact activities.
  • use the word processor in ACT! to create the documents necessary to communicate with their contacts.

Course Content


Lesson 1: Exploring ACT!

Topic 1A: Explore the ACT! Interface
Topic 1B: Use ACT! Help

Lesson 2: Managing a Contact Database

Topic 2A: Create a Contact Database
Topic 2B: Add Contacts to a Contact Database
Topic 2C: Locate Contacts in a Database
Topic 2D: Edit Contacts
Topic 2E: Sort Contacts
Topic 2F: Print an Address Book
Topic 2G: Generate Reports

Lesson 3: Organizing Contacts

Topic 3A: Create Companies from Contacts
Topic 3B: Group Contacts
Topic 3C: Manage Contact Groups
Topic 3D: Generate Group Reports

Lesson 4: Working with Calendars and Activities

Topic 4A: Work with Calendar Views
Topic 4B: Schedule Activities
Topic 4C: Manage Activities
Topic 4D: Work in the Task List View
Topic 4E: Print a Calendar

Lesson 5: Organizing Sales Opportunities and Contact Activity

Topic 5A: Create Sales Opportunities
Topic 5B: Look Up Contact Activity
Topic 5C: Look Up Annual Events

Lesson 6: Working with a Word Processor

Topic 6A: Create a Document
Topic 6B: Edit an Existing Document
Topic 6C: Format a Document
Topic 6D: Check Spelling
Topic 6E: Attach Documents


Day 2 -- ACT! Introduction & Intermediate

Course Description 
You have gained the basic skills required to organize contact information in a database. In addition to organizing and working with data, you might also want to search and retrieve specific information about your contacts, send email to them, and also maintain information without any data loss. In this course, you will query and exchange data, customize the ACT! environment to work with templates, administer ACT!, and use its Internet features.

Course Objective: You will query and exchange data, customize the ACT! environment to work with templates, administer ACT!, and use its Internet features.

Delivery Method: Instructor led, group-paced, classroom-delivery learning model with structured hands-on activities.

Course Content

Lesson 1: Creating Queries

Topic 1A: Perform a Lookup
Topic 1B: Create Advanced Queries

Lesson 2: Exchanging Data

Topic 2A: Import Data
Topic 2B: Export Data
Topic 2C: Exchange Data Using the ACT! Link for Pocket PC Wizard
Topic 2D: Synchronize Data

Lesson 3: Customizing the ACT! Environment

Topic 3A: Specify Startup Preferences
Topic 3B: Customize Fields in a Database
Topic 3C: Customize Layouts
Topic 3D: Modify Menus and Keyboard Shortcuts

Lesson 4: Working with Templates and Mail Merge

Topic 4A: Create a Mail Merge Template
Topic 4B: Generate Form Letters
Topic 4C: Add Templates to the Write Menu

Lesson 5: Customizing Report Templates

Topic 5A: Modify the Report Template
Topic 5B: Use a Custom Report Template

Lesson 6: Administrating the ACT! Database

Topic 6A: Manage Data Security
Topic 6B: Perform Database Maintenance

Lesson 7: Using the Internet and Email Features of ACT!

Topic 7A: Use Web Page Attachments
Topic 7B: Generate Maps and Driving Directions
Topic 7C: Integrate ACT! 2007 with Email Programs